Great American Truck Insurance

Great American Truck Insurance

In the ever-evolving landscape of the American trucking industry, securing comprehensive and robust insurance coverage has never been more paramount. Great American Truck Insurance, with its wide array of insurance products tailored to meet the unique demands of this sector, has emerged as a premier choice. From physical damage insurance to deductible buyback options, non-trucking liability coverage, and even occupational accident insurance, they offer an all-encompassing solution. However, the question remains: what truly sets Great American Truck Insurance apart in this highly competitive market? Let's take a closer look at their offerings and discern the distinctive benefits they bring to the table.

Key Takeaways

  • Great American Truck Insurance offers comprehensive insurance products tailored specifically to the trucking industry.
  • The coverage includes Physical Damage insurance for tractors and trailers, meeting the requirements of the 14 Physical Damage Insurance Requirements.
  • The company provides additional options and endorsements such as Deductible Buyback, TruXpro, and the Rig Ready program, which eliminates storage fees and reimburses Federal Excise Tax.
  • Great American Truck Insurance also offers Occupational Accident Policies, providing coverage for disability, medical expenses, death, and dismemberment, along with services like Nurse Case Managers and the First Script program for prompt medical care and prescription reimbursement.

Understanding Great American Coverage

Great American Truck Insurance

Delving into the specifics of Great American Insurance coverage, it's crucial to recognize that their offerings encompass Physical Damage insurance, which includes comprehensive coverage for collisions and specified perils for both tractors and trailers. This truck insurance policy is designed to provide coverage against physical losses, thus, safeguarding the owner's investment in the event of an accident or other covered mishaps.

The policy also includes additional deductible options and endorsements such as Deductible Buyback and TruXpro, enhancing the protection levels. These options indirectly provide businesses the freedom to operate without undue concern for potential financial burdens following an incident. A unique offering in their truck insurance portfolio is the Rig Ready program. This program eliminates storage fees and grants reimbursement for Federal Excise Tax, which considerably reduces the financial impact on the policyholder.

Furthermore, Great American Insurance recognizes the potential financial gap that can occur if a truck's cash value falls short of the loan amount. Their Loan Gap coverage is designed to bridge this gap, ensuring that businesses can continue to operate smoothly. Lastly, the company's policy provides reimbursement for Federal Excise Tax for losses within a year of the truck's purchase date, offering additional financial relief.

Physical Damage Insurance Detailed

Continuing our exploration into the specifics of Great American Insurance, it is imperative to take a closer look at their Physical Damage insurance, an essential offering that provides comprehensive coverage against various potential damages to both tractors and trailers. This insurance meets the stringent requirements of the 14 Physical Damage Insurance Requirements, providing peace of mind to policyholders.

Physical Damage insurance is a broad coverage, encompassing collision and specified perils, thus safeguarding your investment from a range of risks. Unique features such as Deductible Buyback and TruXpro offer additional layers of protection, presenting diverse deductible options and exclusive endorsements.

A notable perk of this insurance is the Rig Ready program. Besides waiving storage fees, this program provides reimbursement for the Federal Excise Tax, a significant benefit for losses incurred within the first year of the truck's purchase. Plus, the loan gap coverage ensures that any disparity between your truck's cash value and the outstanding loan amount is adequately covered.

In essence, the Physical Damage insurance from Great American Insurance is a robust, comprehensive solution designed to afford you the freedom and security you desire, protecting your assets from unexpected damage.

Occupational Accident Policies Explained

Great American Truck Insurance

Switching gears to Occupational Accident Policies, these crucial safety nets provide comprehensive coverage for disability, medical expenses, death, and dismemberment for trucking professionals, ensuring uninterrupted professional and personal life. This policy is a leading commercial insurance solution, providing essential services such as Nurse Case Managers to assist drivers through the recovery process, ensuring swift return to the road.

With the addition of the First Script program, there are no wait times for prescription reimbursement, which further ensures drivers' financial security in times of injury. Moreover, the physician referral service is a valuable resource helping drivers find nearby medical care facilities promptly, thereby minimizing injury complications.

This insurance also includes coverage for property damage, adding another layer of protection for trucking professionals. The flexibility of this policy makes it accessible for accounts of all sizes, further establishing its position as a comprehensive occupational accident solution.

Non-Trucking Liability: The Basics

Non-Trucking Liability, a cornerstone element of a comprehensive trucking insurance portfolio, is designed to provide coverage in scenarios where a truck is not being utilized for commercial purposes. This essential policy protects the truck and its operator from the financial risks associated with unforeseen incidents that may cause damage to the covered vehicle or cause bodily harm.

This type of coverage is particularly important for the periods when the truck is off-duty or used for personal errands. It includes provisions for medical payments, personal injury protection, and third-party bodily injury. In addition, it offers coverage for property damage liability and uninsured/underinsured cases, ensuring a broad spectrum of protection.

Non-Trucking Liability assures that claims are not denied in non-commercial scenarios, providing peace of mind to operators. It plays a critical role in protecting trucking assets during non-commercial operations, thereby safeguarding the operator's financial stability.

In essence, Non-Trucking Liability is an indispensable component of a robust truck insurance plan, symbolizing a safety net that allows operators the freedom to use their trucks outside of commercial operations without fear of financial repercussions. Thus, it epitomizes a critical balance between professional duty and personal freedom.

Alternative Risk and Captive Solutions

Great American Truck Insurance

Beyond the essential protection offered by Non-Trucking Liability, it is important to explore the innovative risk management strategies provided by Alternative Risk and Captive Solutions, such as the Great American Advantage Captive (GAAC). GAAC offers comprehensive policies that cover physical damage, NTL, workers compensation, contingent liability, and occupational accident. These policies are designed to protect against financial loss due to bodily injury and property damage, ensuring that your company can continue to operate with the freedom it deserves.

Minimum premiums for GAAC range from $300,000 to $2 million, indicating a flexible approach to managing risk that caters to various company needs. This flexibility is key in providing tailored insurance solutions that accurately reflect the unique challenges faced by trucking companies.

Moreover, these solutions offer strategic benefits. By sharing risks among members, they can reduce the cost of insurance and improve the quality of medical care provided to employees. In essence, Alternative Risk and Captive Solutions provide a path to financial stability and freedom in the face of risk, making them a crucial component of any comprehensive trucking insurance plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Insurance Is Great American?

Great American is an insurance company providing various types of coverages. They offer physical damage insurance, occupational accident coverage, non-trucking liability, and alternative risk solutions, tailored to meet diverse customer needs in different industries.

Why Is Commercial Truck Insurance so High?

Commercial truck insurance is high due to the inherent risks involved in operating large vehicles, potential for severe accidents, expensive truck and cargo damages, and the requirement for specialized coverage for unique risks.

Who Is Great American Insurance Owned By?

Great American Insurance is a subsidiary of American Financial Group, Inc. The latter is the ultimate parent company, owning and overseeing operations of the former, as well as other entities within the P&C Group of Insurance Companies.

Is Great American Insurance Group a Carrier?

Yes, Great American Insurance Group functions as a carrier. It provides a range of insurance products and risk management solutions for various sectors, including trucking, emphasizing freedom and flexibility in tailoring coverage to specific needs.


In conclusion, Great American Truck Insurance provides a diverse range of insurance products tailored to meet the unique needs of the trucking industry. From physical damage insurance to occupational accident policies, non-trucking liability coverage, and alternative risk solutions, their offerings are comprehensive. As such, they play a critical role in mitigating risks and ensuring the safety, financial stability, and overall well-being of trucking businesses and their employees.