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Great-West Financial

As we begin our analysis of Great-West Financial, it is noteworthy to recognize the substantial impact this firm has had within the financial sector. With roots dating back to over a century, its broad spectrum of offerings has solidified its position as a key player in the industry.

The company's vast services include retirement savings options, individual life insurance, and annuities, to name a few. Great-West Financial has also built an impressive nationwide network of sales professionals and distribution channels, which have been instrumental in its success.

While its past achievements are significant, we must now pivot our focus towards understanding its current strategies and future direction, which are not only essential for its continued growth but may also offer valuable insights for stakeholders and industry observers.

Key Takeaways

  • Great-West Financial has a long-standing heritage dating back to 1891, demonstrating financial stability through strong ratings from major agencies.
  • The company offers a diverse range of life insurance products, financial services, and retirement savings options, tailored to meet individual needs.
  • With a nationwide network of sales professionals and partnerships, Great-West Financial is committed to delivering a bright financial future and is a trusted name in the industry.
  • The company's future direction includes expanding its operations globally, focusing on group retirement products and 401k markets, and leveraging its parent company for continued expansion and innovation.

Great-West Financial's Foundation

Great-West Financial, Full Coverage LLC

The foundation of Great-West Financial, a company with a heritage reaching back to 1891, is built upon a robust combination of financial stability, wide distribution, diverse product offerings, and legal security.

The company, a subsidiary of Great-West Life, demonstrates its commitment to financial stability through its strong ratings from major rating agencies. This trustworthiness serves to foster an environment of freedom, empowering individuals to make informed financial decisions.

Great-West Financial's corporate headquarters in Greenwood Village is a testament to its widespread influence and accessibility. The company's nationwide network of sales professionals and partnerships with brokers, advisors, and financial institutions ensures a broad distribution of its services. This wide distribution, a cornerstone of the company's foundation, offers clients the flexibility to choose financial solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Diversity is also integral to the foundation of Great-West Financial. With a range of financial products and services, including retirement savings options, individual life insurance, and annuities, the company caters to a variety of financial needs. Coupled with its clear legal information and ownership of trademarks, the company provides a sense of security to its clients, further enhancing their financial freedom.

Key Services and Offerings

Building on its strong foundation, Great-West Financial has been able to develop a comprehensive suite of key services and offerings tailored to a variety of financial needs. With over a century of experience, the company has a diverse range of financial products and services, including retirement savings options and individual annuities. This variety allows for flexibility and freedom in shaping one's financial future.

The company's offerings include:

  • Life Insurance:
  • Single premium life
  • Whole life
  • Term life
  • Single premium variable universal life
  • One-year term life
  • Financial Services:
  • Retirement savings options
  • Individual annuities
  • Bank and business-owned life insurance

Great-West Financial's life insurance products are designed to protect and maximize the transfer of assets to loved ones, providing peace of mind. With its nationwide network of sales professionals, Great-West Financial serves brokers, consultants, advisors, third-party administrators, and financial institutions, all with the goal of delivering a bright financial future for partners and clients. This commitment to partners has made it a trusted name in the financial industry.

The Role in Retirement Planning

Great-West Financial, Full Coverage LLC

With a robust suite of retirement savings options and individual annuities, Great-West Financial plays an instrumental role in retirement planning. Their offerings, which include life insurance products tailored for retirement needs, are designed to secure a bright financial future for their partners.

Great-West Financial, backed by over a century of experience and strong ratings from major agencies, is a trusted partner in this journey towards financial freedom. Their services are delivered through a nationwide network of professionals and advisors.

Their life insurance options, including whole life, term life, single premium life, and single premium variable universal life, provide ample choices for individuals planning for retirement. Moreover, the company's Annuity Insurance Company (GWLA) offers annuities and executive benefits, further emphasizing their commitment to financial strength and customer support.

The table below summarizes key offerings:

Life InsuranceProvides financial security in retirementSecures financial future
AnnuitiesProvides a steady income stream in retirementHelps maintain lifestyle
Executive BenefitsAttracts and retains top talentEnhances company's competitive position

This comprehensive suite of products underscores Great-West Financial's significant role in retirement planning.

Current Leadership Structure

Shifting our focus from product offerings to human capital, Great-West Financial's current leadership structure is a testament to its commitment towards strategic guidance and operational excellence. Recognizing the importance of human capital in the financial services industry, the current leadership structure at Great-West Lifeco, the parent company, comprises a diligent Board of Directors and competent senior officers.

  • Board of Directors: This team of committed professionals provides strategic oversight, ensuring that the company stays on its growth trajectory while staying true to its core values and business ethics. The Board's responsibilities include policy-making, strategic planning, and effective corporate governance.
  • Senior Officers: This group of experienced leaders manages the day-to-day operations and is committed to driving the company's success. They are responsible for implementing strategies, ensuring operational efficiency, and driving growth.

Great-West Lifeco's leadership structure is underpinned by strong corporate governance practices that ensure accountability and transparency. This structure, supported by the Power Corporation group, fortifies its position in the financial services industry.

Emphasizing freedom through responsibility, Great-West Lifeco's leadership structure embodies a culture of shared success – a testament to its unwavering commitment to operational excellence.

Great-West's Future Direction

Great-West Financial, Full Coverage LLC

As we gaze towards the horizon, it becomes critical to analyze the future direction of Great-West Lifeco, a global leader in financial services with robust operations across Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia. Built on a solid foundation of life and health insurance, the company has unfurled its wings into retirement and investment services, aiming to empower individuals with financial freedom.

The subsidiary of Power Financial Corporation has strategically focused on group retirement products and 401k markets, a testament to its forward-thinking approach. As part of its future strategy, Great-West Lifeco could potentially leverage the strength of its parent company for continued expansion and innovation, creating an even more robust portfolio of offerings.

Great-West Lifeco's future direction is guided by a dedicated Board of Directors, whose commitment to transparency and accountability is unwavering. Under the strategic guidance of its board and the resources of the Power Corporation group, the company is well-positioned to navigate the future, delivering financial solutions that enable individuals to chart their path to independence and prosperity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Bought Great-West Financial?

In the realm of financial acquisitions, it is important to note significant transactions.

In 2019, a substantial purchase took place within the insurance sector. Protective Life Insurance Co., a prominent entity in the industry, acquired a portion of a major insurance company.

This transaction, valued at $1.2 billion, signified a strategic business move, positioning Protective Life Insurance Co. to potentially enhance its market presence and capabilities.

What Is Great-West Life Insurance Called Now?

The insurance entity formerly known as Great-West Life Insurance has undergone a rebranding process. It is now recognized under the name Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Company (GWLA). This change reflects the company's expanded range of financial products and services, beyond just life insurance, to include retirement savings options and other financial planning solutions.

GWLA continues to uphold its commitment to delivering strong financial futures for its clients and partners.

What Happened to Great-West Retirement Services?

Great-West Retirement Services has undergone a significant transformation. This entity was acquired by Empower Retirement, a leading retirement plan provider in the United States.

The $1.2 billion acquisition occurred in 2019, aiming to bolster Empower Retirement's position in the market.

Today, as the second-largest plan provider, Empower Retirement continues to offer robust retirement plan recordkeeping services, fostering a path towards financial freedom for individuals.

Who Owns Great-West Life?

Great-West Life, an insurance-centered financial holding company, is primarily owned by Power Financial, which holds a 66.9% stake. This Canadian entity is indirectly controlled by billionaire Paul Desmarais Jr., through his significant interest in the Power Corporation of Canada.

In addition to its Canadian operations, Great-West Life also maintains a presence in the United States, Europe, and Asia.


Great-West Financial, a respected division of Great-West Lifeco Inc., is known for its deep commitment to financial stability and growth.

Full Coverage LLC, another arm of the company, provides comprehensive truck insurance solutions to meet the unique challenges of the trucking industry. Their range of services, from vehicle to cargo insurance, is meticulously designed with truckers in mind, ensuring their assets are optimally protected.

Both divisions showcase an extensive product portfolio and a dedicated network of financial professionals, promising a bright future. Significantly, Great-West Financial's century-long experience in the financial sector underscores its resilience and adaptability.

As they move forward, Great-West Financial, in conjunction with Full Coverage LLC, aspires to further its legacy – ensuring a prosperous financial future for its partners and clients.