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Great West Life Ins

In the complex and multifaceted world of insurance and financial services, Great West Life Insurance (Great West Life Ins) stands as a significant player with a rich heritage and a global footprint. As a subsidiary of Power Financial and part of the financial empire of billionaire Paul Desmarais Jr., this Canadian conglomerate has built its business on a solid foundation of customer trust and financial stability.

With its keen focus on group retirement products and the 401k market, Great West Life Ins is deeply entrenched in the financial futures of countless individuals and businesses across several continents. Yet, what is it about this company that has enabled it to carve out such a prominent place in the global insurance industry?

The key to understanding its success lies in a closer examination of its operations, strategies, and offerings.

Key Takeaways

  • Great-West Lifeco operates through key segments, including Canada Life, Empower, and Irish Life, and is the largest subsidiary of The Canada Life Assurance Company.
  • They offer a diverse portfolio of insurance products, including single premium life, whole life, term life, and more, catering to various needs and life stages.
  • Great-West Lifeco provides extensive retirement and investment services, including annuity products, to help individuals plan for a comprehensive retirement.
  • Their reputation for reliability, transparency, and effective customer service, along with their commitment to a customer-centric approach and continuous innovation, sets them apart in the industry.

Understanding Great-West Lifeco

Great West Life Ins, Full Coverage LLC

Delving into the core of Great-West Lifeco, it operates through key segments such as Canada Life, Empower, and Irish Life, providing a range of insurance and wealth management services across diverse geographical markets. With its largest subsidiary being The Canada Life Assurance Company, Lifeco Inc is a powerhouse in the realm of financial services.

The robustness of Great-West Lifeco's operations is bolstered by its financial strength, boasting $2.5 trillion in consolidated assets under administration. Offering an array of Life and Annuity Insurance options, Great-West Lifeco ensures its vast customer base a sense of financial freedom and security. From whole life to term life, the company's broad spectrum of life insurance alternatives facilitates the planning of a secure financial future for its clients.

The company's commitment to innovation is demonstrated by the recent growth of its Empower division, focusing on digital tools and advice for wealth management and retirement savings. The completion of the sale of Putnam Investments further underscores Great-West Lifeco's dynamic approach to investment management.

In essence, Great-West Lifeco's multifaceted operations continue to reshape and secure the financial landscape for millions, promising a freer future.

Range of Insurance Products

Great-West Lifeco's portfolio of insurance products is impressively diverse, encompassing options such as single premium life, whole life, term life, single premium variable universal life, and one-year term life. These products aim to safeguard your financial freedom, allowing you to live life on your terms.

The company provides a wealth of financial products and services, including retirement savings options and individual life insurance, catering to a wide range of financial needs. The Annuity Insurance Company (GWLA) which is a part of Lifeco, offers annuity products that contribute to a comprehensive retirement plan. These annuities can be an essential tool in wealth management, providing a steady income stream in retirement.

In addition to traditional life insurance, Lifeco offers products designed for high-net-worth individuals, including private placement variable universal life and executive benefits. With over a century of experience, strong ratings from major agencies, and a steadfast commitment to partners and clients, Great-West Lifeco stands as a reliable partner in securing your financial future.

Here, the number 66 symbolizes the company's comprehensive product offering, indicating the variety and flexibility offered to their customers.

Key Benefits of Choosing Great West Life Ins

Great West Life Ins, Full Coverage LLC

Building on the extensive product offerings and proven reliability, the benefits of choosing Great West Life Insurance are manifold and multi-faceted. As a subsidiary of Great-West, the company's focus on advice and personalized service is a testament to its commitment to clients' freedom and financial growth.

The company's products and services are designed to accommodate a variety of life stages and needs. From life insurance and annuity options that ensure financial security, to retirement and investment services that foster wealth accumulation, Great West Life Insurance offers a comprehensive suite of solutions.

Their life insurance options, including whole life and term life products, provide flexibility and security. Whole life insurance, for instance, offers fixed premium rates and builds cash value over time, offering long-term financial freedom. Term life insurance, on the other hand, provides significant coverage at a cost-effective price, safeguarding against unexpected income loss.

Moreover, Great West Life Insurance's retirement and investment services, managed by Great-West Financial, offer growth opportunities and financial advice tailored to individual needs and goals.

With over a century of experience, Great West Life Insurance remains a trusted partner in financial planning.

Exploring Customer Experiences

In order to fully understand the value of Great West Life Insurance, it is crucial to examine the experiences of its diverse customer base.

The investment opportunities provided by Great-West, such as the recent sale of Putnam Investments to Franklin, highlight the company's commitment to maintaining a dynamic portfolio for its customers. As a wholly-owned subsidiary, Empower Retirement exemplifies the robust asset management capability of Great-West, managing billions in assets to secure customer retirement plans.

Through subsidiaries and affiliates like Protective Life and Annuity, Great-West offers a wide array of services, catering to the freedom-desiring audience. Customers have consistently expressed trust in the services provided by Great-West, crediting the firm's transparency and reliability in managing their investments.

Moreover, the experiences of customers extend beyond mere investment. Great-West has a reputation for prompt and effective customer service, consistently addressing customer concerns and queries. The company's emphasis on creating a hassle-free experience for its customers, combined with its robust financial services, ensures a seamless and empowering journey for its diverse customer base.

Future Plans of Great West Life Ins

Great West Life Ins, Full Coverage LLC

Pivoting towards the future, Great West Life Insurance plans to amplify its customer-centric approach, diversifying its offerings and capitalizing on innovative technological advancements to enhance its services. The company aims to foster growth through a focus on new investments and personal wealth driving initiatives.

One significant move includes the sale of its Insurance Company of New York business to Protective Life Insurance Company. This strategic transaction, recently announced by Lifeco, allows Great West Life to streamline its operations and focus on core markets, particularly in the United States.

Moreover, the company intends to leverage the scope and scale of Protective Life Insurance Company, aiming to deliver more value to its customers. The strategic alliance with Protective Life will reinforce Great West Life's market position, enabling it to forge ahead with its innovation-driven growth blueprint.

Great West Life's future plans are characterized by a progressive vision. They aim to redefine how wealth is built, managed, and preserved; and foster a sense of freedom among its customers. Their strategy is clear: keep the customer at the heart of everything they do, while adapting to the new technological landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Great-West Life Insurance Called Now?

Great-West Life Insurance, a prominent provider of wealth management products and insurance services, has undergone a rebranding and is now known as Canada Life.

The change reflects their commitment to serve their customers under a unified, strong, and simplified brand.

Despite the name change, their dedication to providing high-quality financial products and services, such as retirement savings plans, individual life insurance, and annuities, remains steadfast.

Who Bought Great-West Life Insurance Company?

The entity that embarked on the acquisition of the previously known Great-West Life Insurance Company is Protective Life Corporation.

This U.S. subsidiary of Dai-ichi Life Holdings, Inc. completed the transaction in 2019, purchasing the individual life insurance and annuity business of the company in the United States.

This strategic move has allowed Protective Life Corporation to expand and diversify its portfolio, while still honoring the legacy of Great-West Life Insurance Company.

What Did Great-West Life Turn Into?

Great-West Life transitioned into Great-West Lifeco Inc., a financial holding company with a focus on insurance. This Canadian entity operates globally, providing a diverse range of services such as insurance, wealth management, and retirement benefits.

The firm owns various subsidiaries, including Canada Life, Empower, Irish Life, and London Life, each offering specific financial services in different regions.

Today, Great-West Lifeco Inc. has a significant market presence in multiple countries.

Who Owns Great-West Lifeco Inc?

Great-West Lifeco Inc., a leading player in the insurance industry, is principally owned by Power Financial, which holds a significant 66.9% stake in the company. This influential entity is under the indirect control of notable Montreal billionaire, Paul Desmarais Jr., through his considerable stake in the Power Corporation of Canada.

This ownership structure has allowed Great-West Lifeco to expand its operations across North America, Europe, and Asia.


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