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Greatwest Financial

In the complex and often daunting landscape of financial planning, Greatwest Financial stands as a stalwart ally for individuals and businesses alike. With a rich history that spans over a century, and a diverse portfolio of products and services, the company has firmly established itself as a trusted financial partner.

This discussion will explore the intricacies of Greatwest Financial's offerings, and examine its role in shaping the financial futures of its clients. As we navigate through the layers of investment options, retirement plans, and customer experiences, we will gain a comprehensive understanding of Greatwest Financial's impact and influence in the financial sector.

This exploration will not only uncover the company's current position, but also hint at what the future might hold for financial planning with Greatwest.

Key Takeaways

  • Greatwest Financial has over a century of experience in the financial sector and offers retirement savings options, individual life insurance, and annuities.
  • They have a strong presence in New York as Annuity Insurance Company (GWLA) and operate in 47 states.
  • Greatwest provides tailored solutions for retirement planning and offers a wide array of life insurance options, including Universal Life.
  • Customers appreciate the wide-ranging offerings of Greatwest, the robustness of their life insurance options, and the exemplary service provided by their Home Office in Greenwood Village.

Understanding Greatwest Financial Services

Greatwest Financial, Full Coverage LLC

Greatwest Financial, a seasoned entity in the financial sector with over a century of experience, provides a comprehensive array of services such as retirement savings options, individual life insurance and annuities, ensuring a secure financial future for their clients. Their commitment to the financial well-being of their customers extends to the 47 states they operate in, including a strong presence as the Annuity Insurance Company (GWLA) in New York. This company evokes a sense of financial freedom, supporting clients' fiscal autonomy through their diverse portfolio of services.

Their offering includes a variety of retirement plans, catering to the unique financial needs of each customer. The company's robust suite of services, backed by strong ratings from major financial rating agencies, offers a sense of security to clients. Great-West Financial Services, a division of the company, has proved instrumental in realizing this goal. They have a nationwide network of distribution channels, ensuring that their financial services reach their customers efficiently.

With Greatwest Financial, the path to a secure retirement is more accessible, ensuring individuals can plan for their future with confidence and freedom.

Investment Options at Greatwest

Diversifying one's portfolio is made seamless with the multitude of investment options offered by Greatwest, which range from retirement savings plans and life insurance to individual annuities. A subsidiary of Great-West Life, Greatwest has over a century of experience and strong ratings from major rating agencies. This assures individuals of a secure financial future.

The company's products and services are designed to help individuals grow wealth and maximize their financial freedom. Their life insurance options include the Protective Life Insurance, single premium life, whole life, and term life. The Retirement Plan options are tailored to provide tools and guidance for wealth growth.

Investment OptionsDescription
Retirement Savings PlansGreatwest, a registered investment plan provider, offers comprehensive retirement savings plans.
Life InsuranceThe Protective Life Insurance and other life insurance products ensure financial security for dependents.
Individual AnnuitiesThese products offer a steady stream of income during retirement, ensuring a secure financial future.

Greatwest's commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions for wealth management positions it as a key player in securing a financially free future. Their investment options are flexible, catering to a variety of needs, and ultimately simplifying the journey to financial independence.

Role of Greatwest in Retirement Planning

Greatwest Financial, Full Coverage LLC

Building on its robust portfolio of investment options, Greatwest plays an integral role in retirement planning, offering a comprehensive suite of products designed to ensure financial security in one's later years. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Empower Retirement, Greatwest Financial provides tailored solutions for individuals desiring financial independence and a secure future.

Utilizing its expertise, the role of Greatwest in retirement planning extends to offering a wide array of life insurance options, including Universal Life, aimed at protecting and maximizing the transfer of assets. Products are distributed through an extensive network, including GWFS Equities, and a solid partnership with Insurance Company of New York.

Greatwest Financial, backed by strong ratings from major agencies, underscores its commitment to partners. It is important to note that Greatwest does not provide legal or tax advice, instead, it commits to delivering financial products and services backed by a FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AGENCY's guarantee.

Offering a century of experience, the company aims to equip individuals with the financial tools necessary for a hassle-free retirement, reinforcing its pivotal role in retirement planning.

Customer Experiences With Greatwest Financial

Navigating the financial landscape with Greatwest Financial, customers have reported a plethora of experiences, reflecting the company's wide-ranging offerings, from retirement savings options to individual life insurance and annuities. In the pursuit of financial freedom, clients have appreciated the subsidiary's unwavering commitment to offering customized solutions.

A common thread in customer experiences is the robustness of the life policy options. Whether opting for term, whole, or universal life insurance, clients have applauded the company's comprehensive approach. Yet, they've also acknowledged the reality that FUNDS MAY LOSE VALUE, indicating a mature understanding of financial dynamics.

Customers have also highlighted the exemplary service offered by Greatwest's Home Office in Greenwood Village, which doubles as the company's Corporate Headquarters. Notably, the new digital banking experience has been a game-changer for many, offering ease and convenience in transactions.

Moreover, the company's service marks, such as trust and reliability, have cemented its reputation among clients. Despite a complex financial landscape, customers have found their journey with Greatwest Financial to be both empowering and enlightening, reflecting the company's commitment to client-centric service.

Future of Financial Planning With Greatwest

Greatwest Financial, Full Coverage LLC

As we continue to explore the landscape of Greatwest Financial, it's pertinent to shed light on the future of financial planning with this reputable company, especially considering its robust life insurance policies and dedicated customer service. Greatwest Financial, unlike a BANK OR CREDIT UNION, is not GUARANTEED BY ANY BANK, CONDITION OF ANY BANKING, nor INSURED BY ANY FEDERAL institution. However, it's a trusted partner with strong ratings, providing a sense of security for its clients.

Here are some key points:

  1. Greatwest Financial offers a comprehensive suite of financial products and services, including life insurance and retirement savings options. Their design elements used are owned by the company, ensuring their authenticity and reliability.
  2. Unlike a BANK OR CREDIT UNION, Greatwest Financial's products are not NCUA/NCUSIF INSURED, giving clients the freedom to choose their preferred financial plans without restrictions.
  3. The company is a trusted partner with strong ratings from A.M Best, Fitch Ratings, Moody's Investors, and Standard & Poor's, demonstrating their financial strength and stability.
  4. Through their nationwide network, Greatwest Financial aims to provide a promising financial future for their partners and clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Bought Great-West Financial?

In 2019, a significant portion of a financial company was acquired by Protective Life Insurance Co. This transaction, valued at approximately $1.2 billion, involved the procurement of a major stake in the business.

The company in question operates across North America, Europe, and Asia. As of December 31, 2020, it reported total assets amounting to CA$2.0 trillion.

As per available records, the company is majorly owned by Power Financial, holding a 66.9% stake.

What Is Great-West Life Insurance Called Now?

Formerly known as Great-West Life Insurance, the company has rebranded and is now recognized as Great-West Financial. This transformation symbolizes their broadened commitment to financial security.

They continue to provide an array of life insurance products, granting customers the freedom to choose options tailored to their unique needs.

In essence, Great-West Financial represents a beacon of stability, offering a safe harbor in the unpredictable sea of life's financial journey.

What Happened to Great-West Retirement Services?

Great-West Retirement Services underwent a rebranding process in 2020. It is now known as Empower Retirement. The move was a strategic decision to consolidate its position in the retirement services market under a single brand name.

The change does not affect the service delivery or the quality of products offered. The rebranding was essential to enhance the corporate image and increase visibility in an increasingly competitive retirement services industry.

Who Owns Great-West Life?

Great-West Life is a subsidiary of Great-West Lifeco Inc., a financial holding company based in Canada. Dominant control of Great-West Lifeco Inc. is held indirectly by billionaire Paul Desmarais Jr. through his holdings in the Power Corporation of Canada.

The largest subsidiary under this conglomerate is The Canada Life Assurance Company, significantly owned by Power Financial with a 66.9% stake.

Thus, Great-West Life's ownership traces back to Power Corporation of Canada.


In conclusion, Greatwest Financial, a part of the esteemed Canadian holding company, Great-West Lifeco Inc., provides a broad spectrum of financial products and services.

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Both companies, with their respective expertise, foster a trusted financial relationship with their partners and clients, indicating a prosperous financial future.

Their roles in retirement planning, customer experiences, and the future of financial planning, as well as addressing industry-specific needs, underline their commitment to delivering unmatched financial solutions.