Keep on Trucking Insurance Reviews, Full Coverage LLC

Keep on Trucking Insurance Reviews

In the dynamic world of commercial trucking insurance, one company that seems to garner a great deal of attention is 'Keep on Trucking Insurance'. The company, located in Burbank, CA, has been the subject of numerous reviews, painting a rather mixed picture of its services. With some employees lauding the firm for its competitive wages, exceptional benefits, and supportive culture, others express dissatisfaction with the management and lack of career advancement opportunities. With an overall rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars, the question arises: What is the true quality of service provided by 'Keep on Trucking Insurance'? This discussion aims to critically analyze the reviews, dissecting the positives and negatives, to provide a comprehensive perspective on the company.

Key Takeaways

  • 'Keep on Trucking Insurance' specializes in commercial trucking insurance for large and small fleets, owner operators, and new ventures.
  • They offer a 'Coverage Options Analysis' service that allows clients to evaluate, compare, and select insurance coverage plans.
  • The company is recognized for its exceptional client support and unbiased, customer-centric advice.
  • Employees note a good work-life balance and competitive compensation at 'Keep on Trucking Insurance'.

Understanding 'Keep on Trucking' Insurance

Keep on Trucking Insurance Reviews, Full Coverage LLC

With over two decades of combined experience in commercial trucking insurance, Keep on Trucking Insurance has established a remarkable specialization in providing customized insurance solutions for large and small fleets, owner operators, and new ventures engaged in both local and long-haul operations. This individually owned and operated company aims to deliver peace of mind to its clients through its team of highly trained professionals who are dedicated to sourcing the best admitted companies at competitive prices.

In their relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction, Keep on Trucking Insurance offers unbiased advice and access to the markets required to meet their clients' unique insurance needs. With a strong emphasis on excellent customer service, the goal is to secure the best price for clients, ensuring their freedom to operate without financial constraints.

Despite undergoing two mergers in the past 15 years and transitioning towards a more corporate environment, Keep on Trucking Insurance remains committed to keeping pace with business and technological advancements. Employee feedback reveals a productive and enjoyable workplace culture, though the company acknowledges the need for improved management, communication, and pay structures.

Coverage Options Analysis

In light of the aforementioned company attributes, a closer examination of Keep on Trucking Insurance's 'Coverage Options Analysis' service is merited. This tool is designed for clients to evaluate, compare, and select from a range of insurance coverage plans that best suit their specific needs and budget constraints.

The Coverage Options Analysis function is a critical component of the trucking insurance services provided. It empowers clients with a comprehensive overview of available insurance plans, thereby facilitating informed decision making. By comparing and contrasting various options, users can understand the benefits and limitations of each coverage plan, aligning them with their specific requirements and financial capabilities.

Furthermore, this analysis offers a level of customization, allowing clients to tailor their insurance coverage to their unique needs. This feature not only ensures that clients obtain the best value for their money but also guarantees their freedom to choose a plan that resonates with their preferences.

Customer Service Evaluation

Keep on Trucking Insurance Reviews, Full Coverage LLC

Delving into the realm of customer service, Keep on Trucking Insurance has garnered recognition for its exceptional client support, consistently placing customer needs at the forefront and delivering unbiased, customer-centric advice and service. The company's accessibility during business hours allows customers to swiftly address their insurance-related queries and concerns, thereby ensuring a prompt and effective response.

This insurer's independence from any insurance company affiliations enables it to provide impartial and customer-focused guidance. Such an unbiased approach helps customers navigate the labyrinthine world of insurance with freedom, removing potential conflicts of interest that could interfere with the quality of service.

Keep on Trucking Insurance's market access further enhances its customer service, providing a wide range of options to meet diverse insurance needs. This extensive market accessibility empowers customers with the liberty to choose the best-suited insurance solutions for their specific requirements.

The company's commitment to securing the best price for clients and prioritizing customer satisfaction is evident in its operations. By focusing on these aspects, Keep on Trucking Insurance reiterates its dedication to maintaining a customer-first approach, reinforcing its reputation for high-quality customer service.

Pros and Cons Breakdown

While the company's customer service approach is noteworthy, a comprehensive evaluation of Keep on Trucking Insurance necessitates an exploration of its strengths and weaknesses, embarking on a thorough pros and cons breakdown.

Keep on Trucking Insurance prides itself on over 20 years of combined commercial trucking experience. This extensive industry knowledge allows them to provide a diverse array of services and innovative insurance solutions tailored to various trucking needs. Their professionals are highly skilled at identifying admitted companies with competitive prices, ensuring clients get the best coverage at affordable rates. Furthermore, it's worth noting the positive work-life balance that the company provides, highlighting its commitment to employee welfare.

However, the company is not without its shortcomings. Some employees have reported job insecurity, poor management, and lack of advancement opportunities. Despite the competitive compensation and benefits, these aspects can impact the overall job satisfaction and performance of the employees. Therefore, while Keep on Trucking Insurance offers many appealing features and benefits, potential clients and employees must also consider these critical points in their decision-making process. This balanced understanding will allow for a more informed and liberating choice.

Comparing to Other Providers

Keep on Trucking Insurance Reviews, Full Coverage LLC

Drawing upon the complex tapestry of reviews and experiences surrounding Keep on Trucking Insurance, a comparison to other providers in the market reveals a distinct combination of strengths and areas for improvement. The company, operating under the name MHX, has demonstrated a commendable commitment to embracing technology, which sets it apart from some competitors who are slow to adapt.

This forward-thinking approach is coupled with a good work-life balance and competitive compensation, as noted by employees. Yet, the company's overall rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars suggests a dichotomy of experiences. While the good work of MHX in providing diverse insurance solutions has been recognized, concerns about job insecurity and lack of raises indicate areas that need attention.

In contrast, other providers may offer more stability but lack the technological edge and diverse offerings of MHX. Therefore, customers desiring freedom in their insurance choices may find MHX's commitment to innovation and diversity appealing, while also considering the mixed employee feedback. In conclusion, a holistic view of Keep on Trucking Insurance reveals a unique but complex landscape when compared to other providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I File a Claim With 'Keep on Trucking' Insurance?

To file a claim with an insurance provider, you typically need to contact the company directly, either through their website or via a customer service line, providing necessary information about the incident and your policy details.

What Are the Payment Methods Accepted by 'Keep on Trucking' Insurance?

Inquiring about payment methods, it's essential to know that an insurance company's options usually include credit or debit card payments, bank transfers, and sometimes checks. The exact methods vary, so contacting the provider is recommended.

Does 'Keep on Trucking' Insurance Offer Any Discounts for Long-Term Customers?

In the realm of long-term customer benefits, it would be pertinent to ascertain whether the insurer in question provides any discounts. This could manifest in lower premiums or other financial incentives for sustained loyalty.

What Is the Renewal Process for Policies at 'Keep on Trucking' Insurance?

The renewal process for policies typically involves evaluating the previous term's performance, assessing changes in risk, and discussing new coverage options. This is followed by payment and issuance of a new policy document.

Can I Upgrade or Downsize My Coverage Plan With 'Keep on Trucking' Insurance in the Middle of My Policy Term?

Yes, you can alter your coverage plan mid-term. However, it's important to consult with your insurance advisor to understand any potential implications or adjustments to your premiums that may result from this change.


In conclusion, Keep on Trucking Insurance, despite mixed employee reviews, retains a fairly respectable overall rating of 3.6 out of 5. While it receives appreciation for its wages, benefits, and workplace culture, it also faces criticism for management issues and lack of growth opportunities. As an insurance provider for the commercial trucking industry, it stands as a significant player in Burbank, CA. Further comparative analysis with other providers could provide more comprehensive insights into its standing within the market.