About Full Coverage LLC

About Full Coverage LLC, Full Coverage LLC

About Full Coverage LLC - Your Trusted Partner in Truck Insurance

Introduction: Welcome to Full Coverage LLC, a leading specialist in truck insurance. Under the skilled leadership of Nazar Mamaev, an accomplished author and expert in FMCSA regulations, we offer tailored insurance solutions designed specifically for the trucking industry.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide the trucking community with comprehensive insurance services, ensuring safety, compliance, and peace of mind. We strive to understand and address the unique challenges and needs faced by truckers and fleet operators.

Our Expertise:

About Full Coverage LLC: Our President Nazar Mamaev brings unparalleled expertise in truck insurance, backed by years of experience and deep industry knowledge. Our team of certified brokers is adept in navigating FMCSA regulations, offering expert advice and customized insurance solutions.


Transportation Risk Specialists

Ensure the safety of your business with a full coverage truck insurance policy. Get a commercial truck insurance quote from Full Coverage LLC for dependable and affordable insurance for owner-operated or large fleet vehicles. Full Coverage LLC understands the risks that face your business, and as an independent agent we will provide you with all of your options to keep your vehicles, your drivers and your business protected so you can continue to focus on what matters.

CEO & Founder of Full Coverage LLC

About Full Coverage LLC, Full Coverage LLC
About Full Coverage LLC, Full Coverage LLC

Our Services

We offer a range of insurance services, including:

Liability Insurance

Protect against liabilities with our top-tier coverage solutions.

Physical Damage

Protects the assets from damages, theft and other causes of loss.

Cargo Insurance

Safeguard your goods in transit against damages, theft, and unforeseen events.

Workers Compensation

Secure your drivers well being by proving them with insurance incase of a work related injury.

For over 15 years, Full Coverage LLC has been the trusted partner for truckers nationwide. Our deep-rooted expertise, combined with our certifications like TRIP, CDS, and TRS, showcases our commitment to excellence in transportation insurance and safety regulations. Led by Nazar Mamaev, our president and a renowned transportation risk specialist, safety director, and author of “Navigating the Lanes: Understanding Regulations and Requirements”, we stand at the forefront of industry knowledge and best practices.

Why Choose Full Coverage LLC?

    1. Depth of Expertise: With a legacy spanning over a decade and a half, our understanding of the trucking insurance landscape is unparalleled. Our team, led by industry veterans, ensures your insurance needs are handled by the best. Meet Nazar Mamaev our President with over 15 years in the industry.

    1. Tailored Insurance Solutions: Every trucking need is unique. From independent owner-operators to expansive fleets, our diverse range of insurance offerings ensures comprehensive coverage. Dive deep into specialized programs like New Venture Truck Insurance and High-Risk Truck Insurance.

    1. Transparent Pricing: No hidden costs, no surprises. Our transparent pricing structure ensures you get the best value for your money. 

    1. Industry Associations: As proud members of leading trucking industry bodies such as Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation, we’re always at the forefront of industry standards and best practices.

    1. Interactive Support: Have questions? Use our interactive chatbot for instant answers or connect with our dedicated support team for detailed assistance.

Certifications – A Testament to Our Expertise

TRIP (Transportation Risk and Insurance Professional)

About Full Coverage LLC, Full Coverage LLC

    • The TRIP certification is a testament to our specialized expertise in transportation insurance and risk management. Recognized for our dedication to serving the unique insurance needs of the transportation industry.

CDS (Certified Director of Safety)

About Full Coverage LLC, Full Coverage LLC

    • Our CDS certification emphasizes our commitment to safety in the transportation sector. We understand the intricacies of safety regulations and ensure our clients are always compliant.

TRS (Transportation Risk Specialist)

About Full Coverage LLC, Full Coverage LLC

    • Developed by industry experts, the TRS designation showcases our professional commitment to the trucking insurance industry and our nation’s truckers. It stands as a mark of our expertise, dedication, and integrity.

About Full Coverage LLC Truck Insurance

Full Coverage LLC is a leading commercial truck insurance provider in the USA. The company operates as a transportation risk specialist and truck insurance broker, offering comprehensive coverage to commercial drivers and fleet owners who haul all types of freight across the country. With access to over 20 A+rated insurance carriers, Full Coverage LLC is committed to providing its clients with great rates and coverage options.

  • Full Coverage LLC: leading commercial truck insurance provider
  • Operates as transportation risk specialist & truck insurance broker
  • Offers comprehensive coverage for commercial drivers & fleet owners
  • Access to 20+ A-rated insurance carriers
  • Committed to great rates & coverage options

At Full Coverage LLC, we understand the unique challenges and risks associated with operating a commercial trucking business. That's why we take a customized approach to insurance, working with each of our clients to understand their specific needs and develop a coverage plan that meets those needs. Our team of experts will work with you to find the best coverage options from our network of top-rated insurance carriers, ensuring you have the protection you need to confidently operate your business.

Commercial truck insurance typically includes liability coverage, which covers the costs associated with accidents or incidents that occur while operating a commercial truck. It may also include additional forms of coverage, such as collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, and MedPay, among others. The specific types of coverage included in a commercial truck insurance policy will depend on the needs of the trucking company and the style of freight being transported.

Having full coverage commercial truck insurance provides peace of mind knowing that your business is protected against a wide range of potential risks. For example, this type of insurance can cover damages from extreme weather, collisions, theft, vandalism, and medical expenses for injuries resulting from a truck accident. Additionally, full coverage commercial truck insurance can cover the cost of repairs or replacement of your truck up to its fair market value, minus the deductible.

As a commercial trucking business owner, protecting your assets and ensuring the financial stability of your business are of the utmost importance. Full coverage commercial truck insurance provides a safety net against a wide range of potential risks, giving you peace of mind and the ability to operate your business confidently. Whether you are just starting or have been in business for many years, Full Coverage LLC can help you find the coverage options you need to protect your business and ensure its success for years to come.

  • Commercial truck insurance: specialized coverage
  • Protects trucking companies & drivers
  • Covers risks in operating trucks or fleets
  • Addresses financial losses from accidents, theft, weather damage
  • Applies to incidents during goods transportation

Commercial truck insurance is a specialized form of insurance that covers the risks associated with operating a commercial truck or fleet. This type of insurance is designed to protect trucking companies and their drivers from the financial losses resulting from accidents, theft, weather-related damage, and other incidents that can occur while transporting goods.

Truck Insurance Quote

Full Coverage LLC is a commercial truck insurance agency, insuring all motor carriers, including owner operators. Whether you have a single commercial vehicle or a large fleet of commercial trucks, Full Coverage LLC is the company to call. We shop 20+ A rated insurance carriers to get your company great rates and stellar coverage. Call today for a free quote (317) 427-5599!